Have you wanted to get into developing mobile apps, but didn't want to make the jump to learning Swift or Java?

With React Native, you can build mobile apps using Javascript and React - native ones, that look and feel like native apps. Because they are.

I'll walk you through the things you need to know to make the jump. Things like:

  • How to build a View, and how styling is different on mobile.
  • How push notifications work on mobile
  • How animations work

With a background in Javascript, a developer can dive in and launch an app in less than 10 minutes - but launching a successful app will mean getting up to speed on the major differences between the web and mobile. I'll tell you what those are.

The Author

Kevin Scott

Kevin has been developing with React since 2013, and with Javascript since 2007. He's worked with companies like Venmo and GE Healthcare to smaller startups.